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Working Toward Open for All

This week is Open Access Week, and this year’s theme is “Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion.” This marks the third consecutive year that OA Week has called attention to the need for urgent action on diversity, equity, and inclusion in our open infrastructures, which seldom reflect the broad range of scholarly voices they are intended to support.

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IUPUI’s New Open Access Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society

We are pleased to announce a brand new open access publication, Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society. This peer-reviewed journal is international and interdisciplinary in its scope. It publishes research articles, commentary, and book reviews pertaining to the study and practice of Muslim philanthropy and civil society.

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SocArXic: An open archive for the social sciences

At the close of OA week, I want to mention a new open repository specifically dedicated to the social sciences, SocArXiv, which launched this past July.

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New Open Access Journal at IUPUI

Open Access Journals at IUPUI announces a brand new journal, Chronicles of Health Impact Assessment (CHIA), which launches today! This peer-reviewed journal is aimed at public health professionals working in the field of Health Impact Assessment (HIA). The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines HIA as,

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OJS 3.0 is here!

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An Open Digital Archive as a Transition to OA

Back in March, the Harvard Library Office of Scholarly Communication (https://osc.hul.harvard.edu) published a preliminary draft of a literature review (https://osc.hul.harvard.edu/programs/journal-flipping/public-consultation/) on methods for converting subscription-based journals to open access (OA).* The report was open for public comment, and while the public comment period has passed, it is definitely worth a read for anyone interested in the future of scho

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Making Maps in R

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Visualizing Data with R and ggplot2

Lately, I have been spending more time playing around with R. As an R beginner and someone interested in data visualization, one of my favorite packages so far is ggplot2. This package vastly simplifies the process of plotting data and the results are rather aesthetically pleasing. One of the really powerful features of ggplot2 is the way in which it makes visually encoding multiple dimensions of a dataset much easier.

In this brief tutorial, I will plot some data generated using Excel. The data (available here) represent 150 individuals and contains information on their gender, income, time spent commuting to work, student loans, and education level. I fabricated the data so that patterns will emerge in the resulting visualization that mimic what you might expect to see in the real world, but the data are totally fake.

The following presupposes some basic familiarity with R. If you are brand new, you may want to start with a basic R tutorial – there are dozens freely available on the internet.  

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Connecting Zotero to cloud storage

I use Zotero a lot, but not as much as some. For those of you out there who find your 300 MB of free file storage dwindling, connecting Zotero to a cloud storage service via its file sync feature is a great way to avoid paying Zotero for additional storage. The solution detailed in this post uses Box. If you don’t have an account with Box through your institution, then you can sign up for a personal account, which provides 10 GB of file storage.

Once you have set up your account with Box, you will need to install Box Sync on your machine. Login to your Box account. Click on your profile name in the upper right hand corner and select Get Box Sync:

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