Themes / Templates

Book Cover"When we talk about theming, we are talking about Drupal's presentational layer. It is where the site developer is able to take complete control and specify what goes onto the page. All CSS, JavaScript, images, and HTML can be rearranged and overridden by a Drupal theme. Drupal's theme system can provide special formatting of the site for mobile devices, reformat content for display in RSS feeds, display a thumbnail of the user's image whenever the username is shown, completely change the default output provided by a module, and much more."
  1. Angela Byron, Using Drupal, 1st ed. (Beijing ;;Cambridge [MA]: O'Reilly, 2009), 


  • There are hundreds of 'starter themes' available through Drupal's Theme Project or you can start from scratch.
  • Themes can be assigned to an entire site or different themes can be assigned to certain pages or certain taxonomy terms ( Using Taxonomy Theme Module ).
  • Themes can alter the entire site through style sheets and template files.
  • Template files are written in html and PHP
  • Templates can control:
    • Layout of the pages
    • Sections available for the page header, body, footer
    • Sections available for blocks (Example : Home Page)
    • Layout for different types of nodes including CCK (New Subject Guides )
    • Layout for Views (Example : Database List , New Digital Scholarship Collections List)



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