Updates / Backups / Upgrades / Caching


The Drupal community regularly updates the code base for the currently supported versions.  Modules are often updated as well ( usually for security reasons ) If using Drupal 5, best to get on the drupal security email list to be alerted when updates are out.  Drupal 6 has a new feature to alert you of updates with in the administration pages. Update, however, are still a fairly manual process.



Our strategy includes:

  1. Nightly backups including database dump sent to mass store service.
  2. Instant database replication to backup server.
  3. Rsync of code and user files on 5 minute cycles to backup server. 



 Our library's website is kinda in a pickle when it comes to upgrading to Drupal 6 !!! 


We tried to stay away from caching, preferring instant gratification on page edits, until the site crashed a couple of times....  We are now using caching with a minimum page refresh of ten minutes.


Last updated by andjsmit on 05/06/2009