IUPUIScholarWorks Quarterly Report, April-June 2014

The second quarter of 2014 is behind us. It's time to tally up the submissions to IUPUIScholarWorks! While working furiously to upgrade our DSpace version (again, version 4 coming soon), we also uploaded a healthy collection of scholarly materials--now free to readers from around the world. Here's what's new for the second quarter of 2014:

Scholarly Articles: 185
Dissertations & Theses: 83
Posters, presentations & other gray literature: 59

That's 327 new items this quarter--bringing our year-to-date total up to 608 items.

Of the items submitted within the last 12 months, the following drew the most web traffic during this quarter:

Starbuck, John M., et al. (2014, April 11). 3D Assessment of Nasopharyngeal and Craniofacial Phenotypes in Ts65Dn Down Syndrome Mice Treated with a Dyrk1a Inhibitor. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/1805/4294 [Poster: 88 page views; 28 downloads]

Zhu, Liugen & Sara Anne Hook. (2014, April 1). GREAT expectations: promoting active and collaborative in learning online and face-to-face courses. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/1805/4205 [Presentation and handouts: 83 page views; 164 downloads]

Krieger, Amanda I. (2014). Kinetic family drawing comparisons of students who are deaf with signing parents and students who are deaf with non-signing parents. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/1805/4474 [Thesis: 79 page views; 49 downloads]

Vernon, Theresa Lynn. (2013). La enseñanza de la lectura en una segunda lengua : la importancia de la conciencia y el control metacognitivo en la comprensión del texto narrativo (versión cuento) y el texto expositivo. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/1805/4524 [Thesis: 64 page views; 23 downloads]

Polley, Ted, et al. (2014, April 11). Mining the Indianapolis Recorder: an exploratory study of a digital humanities dataset. Retrieved from: http://hdl.handle.net/1805/4263 [Poster: 57 page views; 59 downloads]

We're looking to upload 1,000 items this year. If you're affiliated with IUPUI, this is a great time to get your work online with IUPUIScholarWorks: https://scholarworks.iupui.edu/. Contact us, get an account & share your scholarship far and wide.

-- Jere Odell

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