Yoo Young Lee, MLIS


My principal role as a Digital User Experience librarian at the IUPUI University Library is to improve user experience on its website. I conduct usability studies, apply user-centered design methods, analyze data, and design websites based on data gathered from usability studies. In addition, I serve as a liaison librarian for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, particularly the program of Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. 

My interests include user-centered design trends, emerging technologies that lead to new ways of information seeking, graph database as a way to represent and store data, analytical tools to better understand users, and design to deliver information in a better way. 

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Information Management Systems from Concordia University and Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Area of Expertise: Usability studies, Data analysis, Design, Web development, Project management 

Research Interests: User experience, Persuasive technology, Information seeking behavior, Graph database, Analytical tools, Information presentation, Semantic Web.

Projects and Publications: 

1. University Library Website

  • Library website evaluation and needs assessment
  • Reorganization of information architecture
  • Redesign of the library website

2. LibGuides at IUPUI

  • Redesign of a guide page
  • Creation of a guide on best practices in LibGuides design for IUPUI
  • Migraion from LibGuides v1 to LibGuides v2

3. Open Access (OA) Policy Website

4. IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship

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Yoo Young Lee
Digital User Experience Librarian

Call: (317) 274-8336
Email: yooylee@iupui.edu
Office: UL 1115D

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