International Newsroom!

The library now has an International Newsroom! Come check it out!

The UL International Newsroom is located in the far northeast corner of the Academic to left as you approach the UL Reference Desk. This first phase of the project provides six 42" screens displaying the following news channels from around the world:


· TV1-AL Jazeera (Audio transmitted on FM 88.1)

· TV2-TV9 Telegu (India) (FM 89.1)

· TV3-CCTV3 China (FM 91.0)

· TV4-WOW-TV Korea (FM 101.0)

· TV5-EuroNews (FM 102.0)

· TV6-CNN Espanol (FM 105.0)

You may receive audio via your own FM radio or by plugging your headphones into the jacks on the sides of the center tables. Mindy and the TL&R Marketing Group have FM radios with headphones available for sale at the Circulation Desk. When available, audio closed captioning will be displayed also. The TV stations are coming from DISHNET satellite dishes mounted on the roof of University Library. We have the ability to display many other foreign stations with this first group of stations chosen specifically by the UL Diversity Council, based on studies of our IUPUI student populations and their viewing preferences.

Last updated by on 09/10/2009