Extended Hours! Hot Chocolate!

Need to do some last minute research?  Cramming for a test?  Stay up late at the University Library during Finals Week!

From Sunday, May 3rd, through Thursday, May 7th, IUPUI University Library will remain open to IUPUI students until 2:00 AM.  Feel free to come dressed in your pajamas, so you can maximize coziness and relax into your studies.  For those needing some fuel, the University Library will serve refreshments -- coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and snacks -- while supplies last!

Also, therapy dogs will be available for petting and playing each night!

Refreshments will be served on the second floor, across from the Service and Information Desk:

Sunday, May 3rd : 6pm-10pm

Monday, May 4th: 8pm-12am

Tuesday, May 5th: 8pm-12am

Wednesday, May 6th: 8pm-12am

Thursday, May 7th: 8pm-12am

(Note:  Students must bring their JagTag in order to remain or enter the Library during extended hours.)

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