Book Donations

Old books

We appreciate the generosity of the community in wanting to donate books for our collection, in order to best serve our students and faculty the librarians have developed a gift book acceptance policy. Please keep in mind that is costly to accept a book- a librarian must check to see if we already have it and determine if it fits the collection strategy. If we accept the book, it must be catalogued and shelved. The process costs us over $10 per book for every book that comes in the door, whether we add it to the collection or not. Cash gifts to cover the cost of processing gift books are always welcome. The University Library is happy to talk with you about the books you want to donate so that your gift can be made in a meaningful way.

If you wish to contribute books to the IUPUI University Library, please contact Librarian Kevin Petsche at 317-278-2330.

There are several places that will accept book donations that might better align with your materials and goals.

They include:

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