Request Delivery

IUPUI students, faculty and staff may place online requests to obtain most books located at most other IU libraries without using traditional interlibrary loan methods or filling out a form. This service is called Request Delivery, and is much faster for you as a library user while saving the IU library system money. Most books arrive within 4-7 working days.

Materials from the IUB Law Library, IUB Kinsey Library, CEDIR Library, Archives of Traditional Music Library, Cyclotron Library, University Archives, Lilly Library, and the Bloomington Residence Halls are excluded from Request Delivery. In addition, some materials (i.e. reference books and other non-circulating collections and short term loan collections) from participating libraries may be excluded.

You must log on to IUCAT using your official university Net ID/Password in order to use Requet Delivery. If you enter IUCAT without logging in, you may still use Request Delivery but you must login and repeat your search. We recommend that you change your search libraries to ALL in order to see all available library materials.

Request Delivery can also be used to request items from the IUPUI Library collections be held for you. Please note that by placing a request through Request Delivery, there is some delay involved. Your request will not appear on the list of items to be retrieved from the stacks until the morning of the next business day. If the item must come from another campus library, there will be further delay involved. If you require a book immediately, you must personally visit the library and retrieve the book. Circulation staff is not able to pull items for patrons on demand, unless you qualify for services as an individual with a disability.

Due to varying policies across the IU Library system, Indiana Resident Users are ineligible for Request Delivery.


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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is the set of services that allows University Library patrons to access research materials not owned by the library. For additional information about this borrowing method, please visit the ‘Interlibrary Loan Policies and FAQ’.


Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) Reciprocal Borrowing Program

The Reciprocal Borrowing Program (ALI) allows the home library of a borrower (student, staff or faculty) to give authorization to borrow materials from 72 participating academic libraries throughout the state by issuing a signed ALI Borrower’s Card.

To obtain a borrowers card, present your IUPUI Campus ID card at the University Library Circulation Desk and fill out an application. You must be a student, staff or faculty currently enrolled and in good standing.

For additional questions, or to find more information about borrower responsibilities, please consult the ALI Program Overview.

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