Contact Information

Circulation / Security274-0472
Reference Desk274-0469
Consultant Desk278-1360

Fine Schedule

Fine Rate
General Circulating Materials
$ 0.25 per day
University Library Card Replacement

$5.00 per card

Course Reserves, hourly loan
$ 5.00 per hour
Course Reserves, day loan
$ 15.00 per day
Locker Key
$5.00 per hour
Video / Media materials
$ 1.20 per day
Interlibrary Loan Materials
$ 1.20 per day
Recall Fine
$ 25.00 fine*
Separating key from key tag
$ 10.00 fine*
Unreturned item Charge

$50.00 or actual replacement cost, whichever is greater

Billing charge
$ 5.00
Database Adjustment Charge

* These fines may be levied on a daily basis.

On normally circulating materials, the borrower is billed for lost or unreturned materials when the item becomes overdue. The charges for lost or non-returned materials are as follows:

Billing Charge
$ 5.00
Database Adjustment Charge
Unreturned item Charge*
Overdue Fine

On Course Reserve Materials, the borrower is billed for lost or unreturned materials when the item becomes overdue. The charges for lost or non-returned materials are as follows:

Billing Charge$5.00
Database Adjustment Charge $20.00
Unreturned Item Charge $100.00
Overdue Fine As Accrued
Minimum Total

* The library reserves the right to adjust this amount up or down as warranted.

In most cases bills are adjusted to the billing fee and overdue fine ($17.50) when billed material is returned. Billing intervals and rates vary for recalls and special loans. Bills and fines amounts are transferred to the Bursar's Office or collection agency for collection. Borrowers with excessive overdue material, large outstanding bill/fine balances, or who show contempt for Library policies may be blocked from further use of the Libraries or may face legal action.

Users may receive a refund for the replacement cost of a billed item if it is returned to University Library within one (1) year of the billing date. Materials returned after that date will not receive a refund. The billing charge and fines are not refunded.


Overdue notices are distributed only as a courtesy reminder. The user is responsible for safe return of all library materials by the due date and is subject to all fines incurred whether or not they received a notice. It is the responsibility of the borrower to notify the Registrar's Office (for students), Human Resources Office (for IUPUI Faculty and Staff), or the library circulation desk (all non-affiliated users) of any address changes so that you may receive these courtesy reminders.

Library notices for faculty, staff and students will be sent to their official campus email account ( or Faculty, staff and students are required to check this account regularly or forward it to their preferred account. Instructions for forwarding this account to other e-mail services can be found in the IU Knowledge base .

Instead of overdue notices, e-mail subscribers will receive a "reminder" notice. These reminders will be e-mailed out seven (7) days before the items are due, allowing subscribers the chance to renew their materials before fines kick in.

University Library also reserves the right to block the system-wide library privileges of any user if the address or email on file is no longer valid.

Appeal of Charges

If you think the library has made an error or if you have a special situation that made it difficult for you to return or renew materials on time, you may file an appeal. Charges may be upheld, reduced or cancelled. Appeals must be filed within six months of billing.

Please note: Appeals based on not knowing the library rules or the amount of fines, claiming your need was greater than another's, being too busy, being out of town, uncertainty about the due date, failing to receive an overdue notice, or failing to read your e-mail are generally not regarded as valid reasons for cancelling or reducing library charges.

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