About Me

Me holding an elephant bone in South Africa

My name is Autumn Langley and I am the new University Library Diversity Scholar. I would like to fill you in on my life up to this point, and where I am heading in the future.

This year I am a senior majoring in Anthropology. I grew up in the small town of Bedford Indiana. Shortly after I graduated high school I began to realize that I was not, in fact, a "small town girl". I felt that I had more to offer so I began my journey by relocating to Bloomington, to start my student career at IU. I pursued a Nursing Degree, until deciding that I had an interest in people: what they do, how they interact, differences in cultures, and what we have to learn from each other. This interest led me to the Anthropology Department here at IUPUI, where I have had the opportunity to participate in some amazing projects. The most fascinating was a study abroad to South Africa this summer to participate in a Primate Field School.

Last semester I stumbled upon this position and saw it as an excellent opportunity to enhance my research skills, become involved in increasing diversity awareness, and learn all the valuable resources the library has to offer. Like many undergraduate students, I have always feared the library due to a vast amount of resources I did not understand how to access. However I realize now that the best way to get good at something is to immerse oneself in it. I hope that by learning my way around the library I will be able to encourage and guide other students to do the same.

My future plans are to continue on to graduate school so I may enhance my anthropological skills. My career goals include working for a company that gives me an opportunity to use my anthropological skills to impact people's lives in our own communities as well as nationally and globally. Eventually I hope to obtain my Doctorate so I may have the opportunity to conduct my own research. Well, that pretty much sums me up! I look forward to getting to know my fellow IUPUI students!


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