University Archives Policy Statement

  1. The records of the official activities of University officers and offices at IUPUI are the property of Indiana University and may be deposited in the IUPUI University Archives, with the exception of patient records, individual student records, and certain personnel records.
  2. Such property is to be destroyed only after the approval of the officer in charge of the administrative unit where the papers accumulate and the University Archivist.
  3. The officer in charge of each administrative unit will determine when records cease to have current administrative value. The University Archivist will then determine which of these records have long term value to the University and arrange their systematic transfer to the IUPUI University Archives.
  4. The University Archivist shall consult with administrative officers to determine restrictions to be placed upon the use of confidential records. The University Archivist may reject materials and records which are confidential by law or under University policy. Materials and records which are confidential by law or under University policy shall be held by the University Archivist as confidential.
  5. The IUPUI Chancellor may add such further procedures and directives as may be necessary or appropriate.
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