Policy and Procedures for Transfer of University Records

Notify the Archives Staff at (317) 274-0464 before sending the records to the University Archives. In the event of a large volume of records to be transferred, the Archives Staff will examine the records onsite and prepare the records for shipment. A completed transmittal/inventory form (pdf file) must accompany the records to assist the Archives Staff in identifying the records.

Basic Transfer Principles to the IUPUI University Archives

  • Office records should be sent only when they are no longer needed in the office for current administrative use. When the records are transferred to the University Archives, they will be preserved according to the best archival practices and university policies.
  • Published and widely-circulated materials should be sent to the University Archives in a timely manner to ensure their preservation and availability. The Archives prefers annual transfers of these records. To set up a transfer schedule, contact an archivist for assistance.


  • The transmittal/inventory form (pdf file) must be completed using the web-based electronic form or a paper copy obtained from the University Archives (phone 4-0464). The signed form should be included in the first box of the shipment.
  • A signature from the person responsible for the records is required under the Release of Records section.
  • Only records in which their legal and administrative value have expired should be transferred. If the office still uses the records, they should not be transferred to the University Archives.

Packing/Labeling of the Boxes

  • Please box all files to be transferred. 
  • Keep the files in their original folders and in their original order.
  • Boxes will be supplied by the University Archives upon request.
  • Each box should be labeled with:
    • Name of office
    • Title of records
    • Box contents (i.e. Correspondence A-B, next box would be Correspondence C-D, etc.)
    • Box number
  • When packing the records, it is not necessary to send:
    • Multiple copies of a single document blank forms
    • Routine financial and administrative records, such as requisitions, travel expenses vouchers, payroll time sheets, accounting reports, etc.
    • Drafts of reports and correspondence (Exceptions: for major planning documents, save preliminary discussion documents, background reports which served as the basis for different sections, and drafts which contain substantive differences from the final versions.)
    • Routine acknowledgments, circulars, notifications, requests, and transmittals
    • Catalogs, journals, and other publications or papers not directly related to the University or IUPUI-wide matters
    • Copies of widely circulated documents such as Trustee minutes; Faculty Council minutes; memoranda to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads; procedure manuals, and memoranda to all faculty unless your office is the office of origin for the document.
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