Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are distributed only as a courtesy reminder. The user is responsible for safe return of all library materials by the due date and is subject to all fines incurred whether or not they received a notice. It is the responsibility of the borrower to notify the Registrar's Office (for students), Human Resources Office (for IUPUI Faculty and Staff), or the library Service & Information Desk (all non-affiliated users) of any address changes so that you may receive these courtesy reminders.

Library notices for faculty, staff and students will be sent to their official campus email account (@iupui.edu or @indiana.edu). Faculty, staff and students are required to check this account regularly or forward it to their preferred account. Instructions for forwarding this account to other e-mail services can be found in the IU Knowledge base .

Instead of overdue notices, e-mail subscribers will receive a "reminder" notice. These reminders will be e-mailed out seven (7) days before the items are due, allowing subscribers the chance to renew their materials before fines kick in.

University Library also reserves the right to block the system-wide library privileges of any user if the address or email on file is no longer valid.

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