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Watching Open Access Grow Greener at IUPUI

Green open access (OA) is the practice of providing free access to a scholarly work on a website with no paywalls. Ideally, the authors of these green OA works observe the terms of copyright policies while also depositing items in a library-supported institutional repository or a not-for-profit subject repository. When authors do this, it's called "self-archiving."

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Jenny Johnson of the IUPUI University Library named a ‘Mover & Shaker’ by Library Journal

Indianapolis—The national publication Library Journal has named Jenny Johnson, Digital Scholarship Outreach Librarian at the IUPUI University Library, to their 2017 “Movers & Shakers” list.  Johnson, selected as one of the top digital developers in the library industry, joined 51 other librarians from across the country on this prestigious list.

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renku by the IUPUI University Library Center for Digital Scholarship

Here the Center writes
renku, person by person
don't over think it

Partner by Partner
Collections are created
Open to the world

Scholarship online
build collections...connections

Access to culture
Sharing of experience
Creates connection

Metadata good
Easy access to items
digitize your stuff!

Connecting people
to new discovery
knowledge creation

Cultural archives
Potentially discarded
New, not obsolete

Publish digital

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IUPUI Open Access Publishing Funds Available for Faculty Authors

Did you know that more than 13% of IUPUI’s journals articles were published in open access journals in 2016? 

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IUPUI Open Access Policy 2016 – A Year in Review

The IUPUI Open Access Policy was adopted by the faculty council on October 7, 2014. Since that day, the University Library Center for Digital Scholarship has been working to promote broad participation while also minimizing the labor for our faculty authors. The policy enables several paths to participation while relying on the Center to bring them altogether and, ultimately, to archive articles in the open access (OA) institutional repository, IUPUI ScholarWorks. Here are a few of the ways that faculty authors can participate in the policy:

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The Library is a place of ideas

A place where differing worldviews and experiences respectfully coexist.

A good library has something in it to offend everyone.

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