The Library is a place of ideas

A place where differing worldviews and experiences respectfully coexist.

A good library has something in it to offend everyone.

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Free to Wonder

Free to Wonder: Your library experiences are private
We're not a data company. Your research, including the books you check out, the searches you make, and the digital resources you access, is protected, governed by your library policies, librarians' professional ethics, and state law. If you want to research topics that are taboo or controversial, you're free to explore. And if you want to talk to a librarian about your research, that's private too.

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The Library welcomes all

YOU BELONG at IUPUI University Library
The Library welcomes all.The Library has a comprehensive diversity plan to ensure equity in access to library resources and library spaces, which includes a standing diversity committee, regular policy reviews, regular facility reviews, and a minimum of two staff trainings a year. We want you to feel welcome here, and to get the resources you need.

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Jennifer James, IUPUI Library chosen to receive statewide library award

Jennifer James, IUPUI Library, has been selected to receive the Indiana Library Federation Outstanding Support Staff Award for 2016.  The Outstanding Support Staff Award honors and recognizes a support or a paraprofessional staff person who has contributed to his or her employing library or media center and librarianship in Indiana.   

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