Scissors fill the atrium at the IUPUI University Library

From a distance, a viewer can't quite determine what multicolored medium was used to create the new sculpture hanging in the IUPUI University Library atrium. A closer look reveals a multitude of children's scissors -- about 2,500 pairs with their brightly colored handles -- intertwined in a fashion that brings to mind the DNA double helix.

The hanging art, titled "I Dream of Scissors," is the work of Jenn Brown, a senior studying sculpture at the Herron School of Art and Design, on the IUPUI campus.

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IUPUI University Library honored for digital archiving of 120-year-old African-American newspaper

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis University Library was honored for digital scholarship by The Indianapolis Recorder as the nation's fourth-oldest surviving African-American newspaper celebrated its 120th anniversary. 

The Recorder, a weekly newspaper, marked 12 decades of publication with an awards ceremony and a reception Oct. 15 at the Indiana State Museum. More than 200 people attended the public event, "The Art of Storytelling."

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Donation Collection Containers Policy

    1. All donation collection containers in the University Library must be set up in a specific location to be pre-approved by the Associate Dean for Collections and Information Access or designee. No organization may have more than two (2) collection containers set up at any given time. Only appropriately approved and affiliated university groups and organizations may reserve space for collection boxes.
    2. All organizations are responsible for supplying their own collection container. All containers must be made of a solid and sturdy material that will not break down.
    3. All collection containers must clearly and visibly display the following information:
      • Name of the IUPUI organization sponsoring the donation drive
      • Name of the organization/agency to receive the donated items
      • Collections start and end dates
      • A listing of all acceptable items
    4. The University Library will not be held responsible for the security of any collection containers, nor any of the items that are collected during the donation drive.
    5. The sponsoring organization is responsible for picking up the collection container and all collected items no later than 5pm on the last day of donation drive. Collection boxes may be set up no more than two weeks prior to the last day of the donation drive.
    6. No cash or checks are allowed to be dropped off in any collection container. Employees at the Access Services Desk, the Reference Desk and staff in the University Library Administrative Office will not accept cash or check donations on behalf of any organization with a donation collection container.
    7. This service is available on a first come, first served basis.

Approved, Safety, Security & Signage Committee
07 June 2012

Contact John Cooper, Access Services Team Leader, or call 274-5281 if you have questions.

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University Library takes copyright compliance and software licensing very seriously. All software requested to be installed in UL1130, UL0106, UL2120, UL0130 Lilly Auditorium, and/or in the Public Clusters must be properly licensed. Responsibility for appropriate licensing lies with the requestor.

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Please list two or three, concise sentences about the purpose and audience of your event and how your event represents the mission of IUPUI and IUPUI University Library.

Food service is the responsibility of the user, including the monitoring of food delivery, pickup and clean up of the space used. Users are responsible for ensuring the prompt removal of food service. Fees will be charged if the room is not left in its original condition, or is not reset to its original configuration.

I am representing my campus organization/group in making this reservation for University Library space. As the main contact of this reservation, I verify my campus organization accepts full responsibility for any charges and/or fees for the event, including full replacement costs of any library furniture, audio-visual technology, draperies, carpeting or flooring damaged during the event. I also verify that my organization understands and agrees to abide by all UL room and building policies.