Reference Materials and Journals

Reference Materials

The Reference Collection is a non-circulating collection. This means that most items in the collection will never circulate. Under extraordinary circumstances, a faculty member may pre-arrange to check out an item for 24 hours. (One 24-hour renewal is also allowed.) No one may borrow more than five Reference items at a time.


Written Permission

To be allowed to check out a Reference book, the faculty member must get special written permission from the subject liaison responsible for that subject area; e.g., an anthropology reference book requires the permission of the anthropology liaison. The written permission must include the subject librarian's name, date the item will be checked out, and the title and call number of the item. When the item is checked-out, Circulation collects the written permission slip and sends it to Reference within 24 hours. Reference checks the shelf 48 hours after the item was checked out to confirm that the item was returned.


If the subject librarian cannot be reached, the team leader for the subject area may grant such permission. For materials of a general nature, the leader of the Collection Development Coordinating Group may grant permission. If said leader is unavailable, the Reference Team Leader may grant permission.


In granting permission for the item to leave the building, the subject liaison is agreeing to take responsibility for replacing the item, should it not be returned. Thus a subject liaison’s permission will be granted only on a case-by-case basis. The liaison must also weigh the merit of the request against the need for other patrons to have ready access to the item.


Graduate Assistants

If a faculty member wants a graduate student to be able to check out such materials, the faculty member must set up a proxy account with Access Services, granting the graduate student the right to check out materials in the faculty member’s name. Pre-arrangement with the subject liaison is still required for proxy check-out.



The following materials will never be allowed to leave the library building – under any circumstances:

  • Materials in the Ready Reference Collection
  • Materials in loose-leaf format

Bound and Unbound Periodicals

Faculty members, or faculty proxies, may check out up to 5 current issues and/or bound periodical volumes at a time for a period of 24 hours. Pre-arrangement with the subject liaison is not required for checking out these materials.

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