Find Library Resources

  • Books, Journals (not individual articles), CDs, DVDs, and other items
  • Articles
    • Journal articles contain information that is up-to-date and highly specific. You can find articles by searching library databases. The library provides access to 350 databases, some covering multiple subjects and others covering a specific discipline.
    • Most of University Library's article databases are available on- or off-campus to IUPUI students, faculty, and staff by logging in with your IUPUI username and passphrase. If you have trouble accessing our resources, go to Can't Connect? for do-it-yourself help, try establishing a VPN connection, or contact the Reference Desk .
    • General, multidisciplinary databases are a good place to start:
    • Looking for a specific subject area? See Databases by Subject
    • Looking for a specific databases? See Article Databases A-Z
    • Database Searching Tip:
      • If you need recent articles, peer-reviewed (scholarly) articles, or if you only want to see articles which can be viewed online, you can limit your search. Use the database's advanced search options.
    • Interpreting Database Results
      • Once you perform a search, you'll see a list of records. Depending on what database you're using, these records may contain only citation information or may include the full text of the article.
      • In most databases, you can sort results by publication date and relevance. Some databases allow sorting by other criteria as well.
    • Getting Articles and Using red Find It button
      • If the full text of the article is available through the database, you'll see links to view the article in HTML and/or .PDF format.
      • If the full text of the article is not available through the database, you'll see a red Find It button. Click here for a .PDF explaining the Find It button.
    • Getting Articles Not Available at IUPUI:
      • Get articles from other libraries with Interlibrary Loan. (This may take anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days.)
  • Keyword Search Tips
    • Keywords are crucial, and how you combine them is just as important. When you perform a keyword search in IUCAT or a database, you'll get results with the word(s) anywhere in the record.
    • Tips for generating keywords:
      • Think about your search terms before going online.
      • Use vocabulary used in class or suggested by your instructor.
      • Brainstorm related terms and/or synonyms.
      • Think of as many relevant terms and combinations of terms as you can.
      • Try the databases' "Thesaurus" or "Subject Headings" features.
    • Combining keywords
      • AND returns results with all of your keywords (to get more specific results; to get fewer results)
      • OR returns results with any of your keywords (for synonyms; to get more results)
      • NOT excludes results with a specified keyword (be careful using this one!)

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