University Library Adaptive Technology

University Library is a proud sponsor of Adaptive Technology with a close-knit relationship with IUPUI Adaptive Educational Services and the AES Learning Center located in UL 3135 H and N. We have 3 pieces of software available on all of our Windows PCs provided to use by the Adaptive Technology Center(ATC). 


The technology we have available in our public area for all of our patrons to use are:

  • Zoomtext 10 is installed in our 3100 and 4100 computer clusters. It will be deployed to more clusters over time. 
  • Cisco IP Video Phone E20 
    • The Cisco IP Video Phone E20 is used by deaf and hard-of-hearing users who wish to communicate with another person via video phone
    • It works this way:
      • The Patron signs to the interpreter
      • The Interpreter speaks to the phone user the patron is wishing to communicate with
      • The Phone user responds to the Interpreter
      • The Interpreter signs the response to the Patron.
      • The service is free and available at all hours the library is open (Library Hours).
    • This videophone is located in the 2nd Floor Reference Area just to the left of the Consultant past the Microform/Copier Room
  • We also have a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) located in the 2nd Floor Reference Area just to the left of the Consultant past the Microform/Copier Room
    • This is a valuable magnifier for textbooks, books, and journals located in University Library
  • All of our floors are wheel-chair accessible and every computer station in the 2nd Floor Reference Area is wheel-chair accessible. We have designated wheel-chair accessible stations in each of our 8 computer clusters located on Levels 3 and 4.


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As our relationship with AES and ATC grows, we encourage feedback from all of our users on how we can improve our technology and space. Click Here: To leave Comments.

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