Video Editing Information

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As a new technology service to the IUPUI Community, we work with assisting Students and Faculty with creating video presentations for lectures or remote learning. Below are a few examples of Client Support's ability to assist Students and Faculty.

  • Assisted a Professor in Social Work by extracting 6 smaller, movie clips from 3 different movies and compressed the content into a one DVD with menu options
    • Software Used: iMovie6, iDVD8, Handbrake
  • Assisted a patron who is a Cellist by converting her digital camcorder video of a recital to a digital format as part of her Graduate School application
    • Software Used: VisualHUB, iMovie6
  • Assisted an Animation student who combined the animation into a digital format and we assisted in burning it to a DVD
    • Software Used: VisualHUB, iMovie6
  • Assited a SPEA student who wanted to cut clips out of a DVD and combine into one small format to be inserted into a Powerpoint. She returned to say she recieved an "A" on her project and her professor enjoyed the embedded clips
    • Software Used: VisualHUB, iMovie6
  • Two students wanted to make a looping DVD of a Powerpoint collage to commerate the 50th Anniversary of their Grandparents. We helped them do this and to make additional copies for their family members
    • Software Used: Powerpoint 2004, iDVD8
  • We assisted a Professor who was taking a trip with the Dean of University Library to Kenya and converted his video footage from a VHS to a digital format and then uploaded the content to Oncourse and associated a URL with it. He was able to access his footage from the Internet anywhere in the world.
    • Software Used: VisualHUB, iMovie6

These are just a few of the situations we've been faced with and were able to assist patrons with their needs. Below, you will find an FAQ that will hopefully answer all of your Video editing questions. If you have further questions, please contact Adam at

What is the purpose of a video editing service?

We've had a demand from Students and Faculty to assist with video projects for their class work. Based on the situations we've encountered above and many others, we feel this is a service that compliments and captures all of the hard research and outside work students have worked on. Many Academic Libraries do not provide students with the option to create Video presentation projects for their class work. IUPUI has departments who provide similar services but are specific to students in that particular degree. We provide ALL students of IUPUI with the option to digitize their ideas and hard research work into a visually, eye catching video.

With Faculty, most Faculy have very delicate VHS footage and wish to digitize this or convert it to DVD to make it more accessible.  We also had Faculty who wish to take content from multiple DVDs that they feel connect to their students and the matieral they are covering and make it one accessible DVD with menu options. With VHS very close to becoming obsolete, there is an urge to begin taking that content in putting into the widely acceptable DVD format. We also worked with Faculty Assistants who have asked to convert a VHS footage to DVD or make a copy of a DVD to another DVD to be sent to Faculty of other IU Schools.

How do I start the process of editing video I have?

Your first step is to stop by the 4th Floor Consultant Desk and ask a CST Consultant if the room is available. A Supervisor or Consultant Lead will assist you with your needs and whether we are able to provide the service you are asking. We are working on an Online Reservation Form so that you can reserve the Video Editing Room online and provide additional information concerning your project to better improve the process.

Can I "dub" a VHS to DVD without having to capture it onto a computer (which will take longer)?

Yes, you can. Our VHS to DVD Dubbing Station will allow you dub your content to a DVD. We recommend using a DVD -R and the dubbing will take real time (e.g., if your video is 30 minutes long, it will take 30 minutes to dub it) with additional time needed to finalize the DVD.

Can I dub a VHS to DVD?

At this time, we do not provide this service.

I want to use a video or clip from a Web Streaming site, like YouTube, Can I capture that video for my project?

Yes, we have software that will allow you to capture any web streaming video.

Can I capture video from a Copyright Protected DVD?

Yes, if for Academic purposes, we can capture video content from a copyright protected DVD. We, however, will not capture the whole DVD.

Can I transfer audio from a cassette to the computer?

At this time, we do not provide this option. If we see a rise in requests for this, we'll look at adding this capability

If I own a Macbook or Macbook Pro and I want to transfer the content I've been working on onto the Mac Pro, Can I do so?

Yes, you can. We'll set your Macbook to Target Mode which will allow the Mac Pro to view your content as a Flash drive.

What if my Macbook or Macbook Pro has the 10.4 (Tiger) OS, can I still setup the "Target Mode"?

Yes, the OS doesn't matter.

Once I've captured my video to the Computer, how do I add it to Oncourse?

Once the clip is captured, we'll help you convert it to a Windows based file, upload it to your Oncourse Resources, and set the option to make it publicly viewable.

If I want to create a voice over for my video footage, can I do this?

At this time, we do not have a microphone setup but we plan to provide this service in the future. The Multimedia lab in IT131 provides audio service.

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