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The Honors College provides innovative technology setups and the latest in hardware and software to its students. The lab provides Honors Students with (2) 77" Smart Boards connected to a Mac Mini computers. Each Mac Mini has both Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.8 installed to appease both Windows and Mac users. Within the Collaborative Space, along with the Smart Boards, resides two dual screen Mediascape configurations. With the "pucks" in the middle for students to connect to their laptops, group work is more intuitive as the screen on a laptop is projected on one of the 32" LCDs. The lab consists of 16 Dell GX 780 computers, 5 iMac computers, and 2 Mac Mini computers. The lab is equipped with high capacity Black and White and Color Printers. There are 2 Honors Student Organization rooms each equipped with a 42" LCD, Dell GX780 computers, and wireless keyboard and mouse. The same setup is available in 1 Honors group study room.

Questions about the technology can be sent to the University Library Technician Team at 

Click Here:  Honors House Technology


PLEASE NOTE: Look for the FAQ, "How do I access H: drive from outside the CNC?" and follow the directions on any University Library Windows Computer and you'll have full access to the "H Drive". A VPN Connection is not needed if you are connected to any IUPUI campus computer or if your laptop is connected to the IU Secure wireless network.

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