On This Day in IUPUI History: February 3, 1970

February 3, 1970. 

On this day, faculty, staff, and students of the Indiana University School of Nursing held a "birthday party" celebrating the school's history in Indianapolis. As well, the event served as the "kickoff" event at IUPUI in Indianapolis for IU's sequicentennial celebration, which continued throughout that calendar year. The Indiana General Assembly chartered IU in 1820. It took many decades for the school in Bloomington to grow; even in the last decades of the nineteenth century the student population numbered in the low hundreds. Still, it later sprouted into something extraordinary.

In 1970, IUPUI was festooned with banners and flags to celebrate the IU's long history in higher education. At events and gatherings, the sesquicentennial logo appeared prominently. The photo (below) shows IU president Joseph Sutton speaking behind a podium sporting the celebration logo. A search for photos from 1970 in our IUPUI Image Collection online will result in numerous photos taken at events during that year at which banners and flags appeared. (By the way, careful viewers of this photo will see former IU president Herman B Wells seated at right, and then-US attorney general John Mitchell seated at right.)

IU president Joseph Sutton and dignitaries at School of Law-Indianapolis dedication, October 1970 1070-0003-001

This year IUPUI is celebrating fifty years since the merger of the IU and Purdue University campuses in Indianapolis. Next year (2019-2020), IU will celebrate its bicentennial. Our current IUPUI efforts feed into the bicentennial celebration.

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