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March 14, 1977. On this day, the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, ran an editorial titled, "Purdue Un. Ind. Un. Bloomington. Lafayette. IUPUI." In the column, the editorial writer announced a naming-convention change for the newspaper for identifying entities at IUPUI. "Our policy will be to treat any student, structure, school, division,... Read More
In this week's photo we recall IUPUI's appearance in the NCAA men's Division I Tournament in March 2003. IUPUI won the Mid-Continent conference tournament and qualified for the Division I tournament. Organizers seeded IUPUI sixteenth in the regional, thus setting up a clash with #1 seeded University of Kentucky Wildcats. The teams met on March 21 in... Read More
March 13, 1975. On this day, the former President of Peru, Dr. Fernando Belaunde Terry, spoke in the IUPUI Lecture Hall, sponsored by the Spanish Department and the IUPUI Lectures and Convocations Committee.President Belaunde spoke during IUPUI's International Fortnight, a series of campus events highlighting speakers and cultures from around the world... Read More
March 12, 1997. On this day, the campus announced that the Indiana University School of Education at IUPUI's Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn program won second place in the national Distinguished Program in Teacher Education contest.The contest, run by the Association of Teacher Educators, recognized the three-year-old IUPUI program for its... Read More
March 11, 1970. On this day, Indianapolis mayor Richard G. Lugar asked for IUPUI's help in solving the problems of local government.The Indianapolis mayor spoke to the faculty of IUPUI's 38th Street Campus, where the university's engineering, technology, and science programs were located. "Universities have an obligation" to help units of local... Read More
March 10, 1983. On this day, renowned American poet Gwendolyn Brooks read some of her poetry and offered commentary on her works in a talk presented in the IUPUI Lecture Hall. A resident of Chicago, Brooks won many awards for her poetry of ordinary people's lives. Among them were the Pulitzer Prize, the Robert Frost medal and the National Medal of... Read More
March 9, 1979. On this day, the Indianapolis Symphony Woodwind Quintet played a free concert of wide-ranging music in the IUPUI Lecture Hall. The ensemble, made up of members of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, were artists in residence at IUPUI for the spring semester and performed a number of concerts in a variety of campus venues. The... Read More
March 8, 2001. On this day, Hertha Ward Taylor was the first recipient of the Dr. Joseph T. Taylor Award for Excellence in Diversity, given at the Joseph T. Taylor Symposium.Hertha Taylor, the widow of Dr. Taylor, received the award to honor persons who enhanced IUPUI's climate of diversity and inclusion. The symposium and award are named for Dr.... Read More
March 7, 1979. On this day, an editorial writer of the Sagamore, the IUPUI student newspaper, chastised the Indiana University Board of Trustees for evading protesters who picketed outside their meeting on March 3rd.The Indianapolis South Africa Committee (ISAC), a group of IUPUI students and faculty, had announced their intention to picket the... Read More
"Let's face the music and dance!" IUPUI's Moving Company dance troupe has a long record of performance and education. In this week's photo from the 1980s, members work with youngsters to explore the joys of dance.IUPUI Special Collections and Archives has significant holdings of IUPUI suitable for every occasion. You can search a portion of them by... Read More

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