Unit Description:

Instructional Plan Title:


Curriculum Area: Thematic or cross disciplinary/subject matter

Grade Level(s):

Appropriate Group Size(s): Whole Class, Small Groups, Individuals

Time Expected to Complete Instructional Plan: Minutes, Periods, Days, Weeks?

Instructional Objectives: Instructional objectives are brief descriptive statements of the outcomes that should be achieved with the Instructional Plan. What will students be able to do as a result of this lesson, unit, or investigation?

Indiana State Standards: List as many as may be applicable to the designed unit.
Standard #1
Curriculum Area:
State Reference Number:
Descriptive Text:

Materials & Resources: Hands on, publications, Internet sites, technology tools, etc used in the Instructional Plan.

Museum Resource: Name of museum you will contact for resources, field trip, or distance learning activity. Resources and learning materials provided by the museum.

Preparation: What should a teacher do to prepare the students and/or the classroom for this activity?

Strategies and Activities: Student instructions are the heart of each day's lesson plan. This section includes specific activities students will do as they study the topic presented. Within this section, students will be asked to state what they already know about the topic thus building on prior knowledge, invited to ask questions of what they would like to learn about the topic, and encouraged to reflect upon what they discover each day about the topic. Students who are using Internet web sites will be provided strategies on how to assess web site information, and students doing formal research will be provided strategies on Information Literacy Skills.

Student Assessment: List the criteria by which student performance should be assessed with this Instructional Plan. If the assessment calls for a rubric, it should be included.

Describe how this Instructional Plan could be extended or expanded.

Provide family activities if applicable.

Teacher Notes: Notes to teachers can be very valuable. They can help colleagues avoid the pitfalls that the Instructional Plan designer has found through experience using the Instructional Plan with students.