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Grist Magazine

Perhaps it’s best to let Grist describe themselves: “We exist to tell the untold stories, spotlight trends before they become trendy, and engage the apathetic. We're fiercely independent in our coverage; we throw brickbats when they're needed and bestow kudos when they're warranted. And while we take our work seriously, we don't take ourselves seriously, because of the many things this planet is running out of, sanctimonious tree-huggers ain't one of them. Grist: it's gloom and doom with a sense of humor. So laugh now -- or the planet gets it. 

E, the Environment Magazine
A publication covering key environmental issues and trends, and includes environmental news, commentary from leading thinkers, book and film reviews, and announcements of campaigns, events and conferences. 

Earth Policy Institute
The Earth Policy Institute was founded by Lester Brown, one of the most enlightened and influential environmental thinkers of our time, who tells us Earth Policy Institute is “dedicated to providing a vision of an environmentally sustainable economy—an eco-economy—as well as a roadmap of how to get from here to there.”  

Environmental News Network
ENN publishes news, commentary, and information about how people live on earth. They attempt to present content that is “balanced, non-partisan, comprehensive and educational in nature.” ENN's editorial team selects news stories from a variety of sources, including major wire services (Reuters, Associated Press, Knight Ridder/Tribune), and also features content from partner publishers, freelance journalists, and on-going research.

Indiana Environmental Report
The Indiana Environmental Report is a daily “headlines, leads & links” e-mail news service that delivers to subscribers' inboxes all the day's news and views affecting Indiana's environment, as reported in newspapers from around Indiana, the nation and the world. This free email news service requires registration, but there is a “sample copy” of the day’s environmental news on the website.

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