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Kiwanis International Records, 1914-2010
Mss 78
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Kiwanis International, briefly called the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order Brothers, was officially chartered in 1915 as a club for businessmen that also had social and commercial benefits. That original intent evolved quickly into a club for businessmen who wanted to improve their communities, hence the 1920 motto “we build.” Today, Kiwanis International is a global organization, with numerous projects dedicated primarily to their current motto of “serving the children of the world.” Through community-based, volunteer efforts, Kiwanians work toward improving the lives of children worldwide through projects such as The Worldwide Service Project for Iodine Deficiency Disorder, Young Children: Priority One, and their current global campaign, The Eliminate Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal/neonatal tetanus. Kiwanis International membership includes clubs for ages six through adults, with approximately 600,000 total active members.

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The National Society of Fund Raisers was organized in New York City in 1960 to serve as the professional association for fund raisers in America.  The organization changed its name to the National Society of Fund Raising Executives (NSFRE) in the mid-1970s, and at about the same time hired its first executive director.  In 1993 NSFRE had 15,903 individual members in 131 chapters, and maintained a national office in Alexandria, Virginia.  Its name was again changed January 1, 2001, to the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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The Indiana FFA Association, formed in 1929, was the 19th state association chartered by the National FFA Organization, an agricultural education organization consisting of 52 chartered state associations including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Each state association is governed by its own constitution approved by the National FFA Organization and is comprised of chapters within secondary schools throughout the state.  In 1968 the Indiana FFA Leadership Center was established in Trafalgar, Indiana, to house leadership activities, the State FFA Officers, and state staff.  By 2004, the Indiana FFA Association included 9,000 members in 188 chapters statewide.


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The New Farmers of America (NFA) began as a national organization for African-American farm youth in 1935 to promote agricultural leadership, character, thrift, scholarship, cooperation, and citizenship.  This organization served its members for 30 years providing experience in leadership and education in the agricultural field.  Programs and contests designed for the organization awarded youth for achievement within the NFA and their community.  In 1965 the NFA merged with the National FFA Organization.  At the time of the merger, the NFA consisted of 1,004 chapters in 12 states and over 50,000 members.


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The Philanthropy Archives is building a premier research collection to document the history of the philanthropic tradition.   The Archives is used by scholars, researchers, and practitioners studying the not-for-profit sector.  Through the research that the Archives makes possible, we hope to enhance our understanding not only of the not-for-profit sector and its practices, but of the role of philanthropy in society as well.  It includes the historical records of organizations and individuals that have worked as advocates for the nonprofit sector, fund raising firms that help nonprofit organizations raise money, foundations and individual philanthropists, and nonprofit organizations that provide social services, particularly in central Indiana. These collections also provide a wide scope of research materials dealing with social, historical, political, educational, and ethnic developments and changes in the United States during the twentieth century.

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