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Open Access Current Writings and Research

Current Writings, Interviews, and Research Regarding Open Access: 

  1. Journals and Repositories: An Evolving Relationship.  It is now widely accepted that there are two routes to o

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Open Access

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Open-access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free

of most copyright and licensing restrictions. - Peter Suber, Open Access Overview

Open Access services for the IUPUI campus include:

IUPUI Open Access Policy - the IUPUI Faculty Council (Oct. 7, 2014) adopted an opt-out open access policy for all scholarly articles authored or co-authored by faculty on the IUPUI campus.

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Digital Scholarship Fund

IUPUI University Library is pleased to sponsor the Digital Scholarship Fund.  The Center for Digital Scholarship seeks to encourage innovative research at the intersection of information technology and academic disciplines as well as to develop digital collections that advance the recipient’s research.  

Recipients of the fund use this opportunity to explore new modes of analysis, creation and dissemination in which technology plays a significant role. These projects often expand the availability and impact of the content or scholarship.  

IUPUI University Library requires one-on-one consultation with a member of the Center for Digital Scholarship prior to submitting an application to help applicants focus the proposal and make sure its scope is realistic and in keeping with the fund’s goals.   

Project Duration:

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Services and Tools

The Center for Digital Scholarship provides the IUPUI community with a variety of services and tools for sharing and managing their digital scholarly assets including but not limited to:  Published articles, White papers, Conference presentations, Images, Artifacts, Reusable Learning Objects, Theses and dissertations, Historic texts, Datasets, and Multimedia files. 


How can the Center for Digital Scholarship help you?  See printable file below for checklist version .


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Program of Digital Scholarship

Notice (8/28): Currently, many of our online collections are experiencing problems. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved later today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Welcome to the Program of Digital Scholarship at IUPUI University Library. The program extends traditional library activities into the digital environment through creation, curation, delivery and access of digital collections. These collections include IUPUI Faculty and student scholarship and research as well as history and cultural heritage from the central Indiana and Indianapolis region. We invite you to browse our collections.

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