Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth Jones, PED, MS

Associate Professor Emeritus of Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management, 1983-2013

Chair, Department of Physical Education, 1998-2004


Elizabeth Jones taught at the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management for 30 years.  From 1998 to 2004, she served as chair of the Department of Physical Education.  When she retired in 2013, she held the titles of Associate Professor of Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management and Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies.

During her career at IUPUI, Jones served on over 100 IUPUI, school, and departmental committees.  These included promotion & tenure, student affairs, assessment, diversity, and curriculum.  Most recently, she served on the Office for Women Advisory Committee, General Studies Faculty Advisory Committee, and General Education Common Core Task Force.

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Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Ph.D.

Pratibha Varma-Nelson, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Executive Director, Center for Teaching & Learning

When Pratibha Varma-Nelson joined the IUPUI faculty in 2008 she already had a wealth of experience teaching chemistry as a tenured professor, chairing a chemistry department, and developing a model of teaching that received funding from the National Science Foundation.  She has been involved in the development and implementation of “Peer-Led Team Learning “ since 1995 and was Co-PI of two NSF funded National Dissemination Grants awarded to the PTL project.  She has co-authored many books and articles on the Peer-Led Team Learning model of teaching Organic Chemistry and GOB courses, and is currently studying the use of pedagogies developed in chemistry for humanities disciplines.

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NiCole R. Keith, Ph.D.

NiCole R. Keith, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, IU School of Physical Education & Tourism Management

Program Founder, Physically Active Residential Communities and Schools

Affiliated Researcher, IU Center for Aging Research at Regenstrief Institute

NiCole Keith is a professor that walks her talk…literally.  As an associate professor in the School of Physical Education & Tourism Management, she is passionate about getting people moving and exercising for better health.  She even walks her talk by keeping a Trek Desk in her office … a desk that fits over a treadmill machine.

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Jean Bepko

Jean Cougnenc Bepko

Special Assistant in the Office of the Chancellor of IUPUI

Special Assistant in the Office of the President of Indiana University

2010 Hine Medallion Winner

One of Jerry’s strongest assets is that he is a real team player. In fact, I might call that his strongest asset were it not for one person, his wife Jean. Jean Bepko is a moving force in her own right. She has been an active partner in life at IUPUI, and has contributed to Indianapolis in countless ways. (Comments by IU Board of Trustees President, Frederick F. Eichhorn, Jr. on the occasion of the appointment of Gerald Bepko as Interim President of Indiana University.)

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Georgia Blair Miller

Georgia Blair Miller

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Indiana University - Purdue University Columbus

Head, Division of Business, Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus, 2001-2010

Former Executive Director, Executive Education, Indiana University – Purdue University Columbus


As the former head of the Division of Business at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus, Georgia Miller was instrumental  in the development of the division's MBA program.  In addition to providing administrative oversight over the school's business education programs, she led efforts to create the Indiana University Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degree programs at IUPUC. Miller is also past Executive Director of IUPUC Executive Education.

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Maggie Stimming

Maggie Stimming, M.A., CWPM

Former Senior Work/Life Consultant, IUPUI Department of Human Resources


Maggie Stimming worked in human resources at IUPUI for over 16 years.  A certified wellness program manager, Stimming was the first person to hold the human resources work/life position at IUPUI, starting in 2001.  As the program's Senior Work/Life Consultant, she was IUPUI's one-and-only work-life position.  Stimming was highly successful in this role, bringing valuable "life" education to faculty, staff, and students and initiating flexible work, wellness, financial literacy and culture change efforts.  She is also credited with opening nursing mothers' rooms across campus.

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Cora J. Griffin

Cora J. Griffin

Indiana University Trustee, July 2011-June 2013

Alumnae, IUPUI School of Public & Environmental Affairs


Cora Griffin was elected an Indiana University Trustee for the term July 2011 to June 2013.  She is a May 2011 graduate of IUPUI, with a bachelor's degree in Public Affairs Management.  Griffin has held several positions in Indiana state government.  She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Public Affairs Nonprofit Management and working as a resident assistant.

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Mary Houk

Grace Browning

Grace Browning

Browning served as the first director of the Indiana University Social Services Division.  She was responsible for organizing IU's program in social work, recruiting faculty and students, creating curriculum, and cultivating relationships with social agencies that could provide students with field experience.  Browning also began the process of accreditation for the new division.

Browning served on numerous boards and committees, including the Indianapolis Children's Bureau, Indianapolis Community Chest, and the Indiana State Conference on Social Work.  She also chaired the Advisory Committee to the Division of Technical Training for the United States Children’s Bureau and served as vice-president of the American Association of Schools of Social Work. From 1945 to 1951, she worked with the State Department's Public Welfare Committee on Undergraduate Training to advise on best practices of social work training.

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Caroline Marmon Fesler

Caroline Marmon Fesler


Fesler served as a board member of the Herron School of Art for over thirty years (1916-1947).  She was President of the Art Association of Indianapolis, the organization that originally founded Herron's school and museum.  Fesler was the wife of a prominent Indianapolis lawyer and made several generous donations to Herron during her lifetime and posthumously.  This included a 1928 donation of $200,000 to build a new home for the art school. 

Fesler served on several prominent Herron committees, including the Fine Arts Committee and the Art School Committee.  She was the mastermind behind the Board's decision to split the art school from the Herron Museum, and led the search for the school's first director, Donald Mattison.  Fesler even paid Mattison's initial salary.  Fesler resigned her seat on the Board in 1947 due to illness and died December 28, 1960.


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