Windows 7 - 64-bit UL2120 Learning Lab Software

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe AIR

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Windows 7 - 64-bit Video Production Room Software

ACID Pro 7.0

Acrobat X Suite

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Windows 7 - 64-bit Rich Media Software

Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Adobe AIR

Google Chrome

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Windows 8.1 - 64-bit Standard Software


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The ASID Troubleshooting Model

The ASID troubleshooting model offers a four-stage process you can apply to many types of technology problems. Please use this model when you are diagnosing a technology issue.


  1. Acquire - Acquire information about the problem
  2. Simplify - Remove any non-critical components
  3. Implement - Identify and impliment potential solutions one at a time
  4. Document - Document the problem and its resolution


In the Acquire stage, collect information about the problem

  • Elicit symptoms of the problem from the user
  • Have the user repeat the activity that caused the error to reproduce the problem for you. Document these exact steps
  • Collect the IU Tag, Model Type, and Location
  • Document any error codes reported by the system
  • Identify any recent changes to the computer and its configuration
  • Check Event Viewer for any recorded problems

In the Simplify stage, remove all non-critical components. These can include:

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SKYPE Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the SKYPE Fequently Asked Questions Page. Here you will find all of the answers you need to know on how to use SKYPE. A word of caution, this page WILL redirect you to the SKYPE website for your answer(s).

Most Used Features

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MAC OS X Applications

The following applications are on all UL Public and Honors College Macintosh OS X computers:

  • Safari Web Browser
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Firefox Web Browser

  • Office for Mac 2011

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • InDesign

    • Dreamweaver

    • Flash

    • Bridge

    • Acrobat Professional Adobe Captivate

  • Adobe Captivate

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements

  • Adobe Reader X

  • SciFinder Scholar 2007

  • Toast 8 Titanium

  • iWork '11

    • Keynote

    • Numbers

    • Pages

  • iTunes

  • Cyberduck FTP Client

  • Microsoft Silverlight

  • iDVD

  • iMovie

  • Google SketchUp 7

  • DVD Player

  • VLC Player

  • Adium

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