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Hi, I'm Sindhu Raghavan and I am a UL Diversity Fellow 2008-09.

I am starting my senior year at IUPUI pursuing degrees in psychology and economics.

I am from Chennai, India where I finished high school before coming to IUPUI as an international student. I have lived in Saudi Arabia for seven years as a child, which was my first experience with a world outside of my own country and culture.

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Sindhu Raghavan

Hi, I'm Sindhu and I am starting my senior year at IUPUI. I am an international student from India majoring in psychology and economics.

I'm from Chennai, India where I did my schooling before coming to the United States for my undergraduate career.

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Alise Cool



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Diversity Council Members 2010-2011



Teodora Durbin

Anna Proctor (Secretary)


Meagan Lacy (Chair)

Kevin Petsche

Stephen Towne

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IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity

IUPUI University Library Strategic Plan for Diversity, 2010-2013

Diversity Goal 1:  Recruitment, academic achievement, persistence and graduation of a diverse student body.

1.1 Diversity Undergraduate Scholars Program

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Meet our 2008-2009 diversity fellows

University Library’s two newest Diversity Fellows, Alise Cool and Sindhu Raghavan will be joining us August 18th, 2008.



Alise Cool and Sindhu Raghavan



Sindhu is pursuing dual degrees in Economics and Psychology.  She is an IUPUI Speaker’s Lab mentor and active participant in IUPUI’s International Club which she hopes to use as a springboard for increasing student awareness of library services.  Her continued education and career aspirations include pursuing a PhD in economics focusing on micro-financing in India.

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University Library Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Job Description


The Diversity Scholar’s primary objective is to lead and/or participate in, library-related and/or sponsored activities, research, and projects that work towards developing the multicultural awareness of IUPUI students, staff, and faculty.  The Diversity Scholar’s secondary objective is to become familiar with the variety of library-related career options, through hands-on participation in professional-level work with various University Library Teams.

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Meet our 2007-2008 diversity fellows

Ashley Mack

Picture of Ashley Mack, Diversity Fellow

Hi, my name is Ashley Mack and I am a Diversity Fellow with the University Library. I am an Indianapolis native and a junior, creative writing major at IUPUI. I am also a Resource Mentor with the Bepko Learning Center in University College. I transferred from Howard University in Washington, DC and this is my second year at IUPUI. My two main joys in life are education and writing. I have worked with students from pre-K to 12th grade and have enjoyed working in many different educational capacities. My poetry has also been published in several collections including Drumvoices Revue and the fall 2007 edition of Genesis, IUPUI's literary journal.

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