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Reference Manager at IUPUI

Reference Manager was created by the same company that created EndNote. Local support on the IUPUI campus for Reference Manager is limited, however, the software is available as a free download from IUWARE (students, faculty, and staff only).

If you would like Reference Manager manuals please contact Melissa Gomis, IUPUI University Library:



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Endnote Workshops


Hands-On Workshops

Each fall and spring semester, free EndNote classes are available at IUPUI through the UITS Training and Education STEPS-Instructor led Workshops . A Beginners EndNote and an Advanced EndNote class are usually offered. See below for detailed information about these classes:

EndNote: The Basics

See IT Training & Education EndNote: The Basics for upcoming workshops and to register.

This presentation provides an introduction and overview of EndNote focusing on producing more efficient and effective bibliographies, Participants will learn to:

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Endnote Workshops

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A Faculty Resource to Combat Plagiarism

To promote academic integrity, University Libraries, University College, and the Dean of Students are providing access to, a plagiarism detection service. Available to all IUPUI-affiliated instructors and faculty, the service compares submitted text against a database of millions of previously submitted documents, including previously submitted IUPUI papers, and performs a thorough search of Internet resources. It is being made available to assist IUPUI instructors/faculty in tracking down plagiarized material in an easier, faster, and more complete way.

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Citation Management Software

What is Citation Management Software and why would I want to use it?

Citation Management Software is the term used to describe computer programs that allow a researcher or student to track and inventory their references. Users can:

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