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We welcome you to our latest endevor

University Library is proud to announce our new Technology Classroom, with cutting-edge technology space developed to complement the research and scholarly work of IUPUI students, faculty and staff. The UL Technology Room is a colaboration between various organizations and departments to fulfill the needs of today's students. This website will cover the various room layouts that are possible, and also cover the video and audio control systems put in place to make a room like no other.

What we've created is a dedicated space with adaptable seating for break-out groups and hands-on learning that will signifigantly enhance the abilities of the University Library to serve their campus consituents. Previous to our completion of this room there are two smaller computer classrooms in the library, which are open to the entire campus community and availability is limited. Niether of these of these rooms will allow for groups to work together. In addition, while each of these rooms seats 20 students, the average class size at IUPUI is 30 students. Librarians also visit students in different campus classrooms, where access to technology is not always dependable and valuable teaching time is often lost adjusting to varying space and technology constraints.
The additional instructional space will enable University librarians to share their expertise with more students.

There are 30,300 students currently enrolled at IUPUI. The library's two existing electronic classrooms have been used for over 380 class sessions amounting to approximately 11,400 class visits during the past academic year. With the addition of the new Technology Classroom, the library will be able to accommodate an additional 8,500 class visits each year.

Also to to ensure accessibility for Individuals with physical challenges/disabilities the University Architect's office and RJE Business Interiors hav e ensured that the design of the Technology Classroom has met all ADA requirements. The library's Client Support Team, which typically addresses issues of accessibility in the library, spearheaded the technology plan for the room and worked closely to ensure that all stations are suitable for patrons in wheelchairs, and also have software builds including loomtext software for screen magnification. In addition, the entire space has ample aisle-ways, along with movable seating, for wheelchair access.

Equipment in the room will include 42 desktop workstations, four digital projectors, two Smartboards, plus additional audio-visual equipment for multimedia presentations. The work tables will be data-, capable and completely mobile, allowing for group work as well as lectures. When the room is not being used for classes, an innovative collapsible wall will fold away, turning the room into an extension of the library's academic commons. Furniture for the Technology Classroom, includes 16 movable "teaming" tables with built-in power/data outlets and 44 Knoll-brand upholstered chairs with casters. (more info)

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