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Unfinished Business

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Unfinished Business: The Politics of “Dissident” Irish Republicans (2012), a 59-minute documentary. Unfinished Business provides insight on the motives and ideology of Irish Republicans who reject constitutional politics and continue to endorse the right of Irish people to engage in armed struggle. The unique resources of Unfinished Business include:

  1. Excerpts from interviews with Ruairí Ó Brádaigh (IRA Chief of Staff, 1958-59, 1960-62; President of Sinn Féin, 1970-83, and Republican Sinn Féin, 1987-2009);
  2. Commentary from Tom Maguire (1892-1993; the last surviving member of the Second Dáil Éireann) and Michael Flannery (1902-1994; IRA veteran and founding-member of Irish Northern Aid); and,
  3. Portions of a Gerry Adams (President of Sinn Féin, 1983-current) press conference held outside of Sinn Féin offices on the Falls Road, Belfast, in July 1995. See also: http://mobilizingideas.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/social-movements-and-terrorism-and-if-thats-what-a-terrorist-is-i-want-to-be-a-terrorist/

See the IUPUI Irish Republican Movement Collections (http://ulib.iupui.edu/digitalscholarship/collections/IrishRepublicanMovement) for more information.

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