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  • Did a rush order get placed, cataloged, and on the shelf just in time for Fall Semester to begin?
  • Amazed to receive that desperately needed article in 1 days time?
  • Sing the praises of the Circulation Desk employee who always greets you with a smile
  • Give a shout out to the Librarian who visited your class and helped you find the perfect article for your research paper
  • Thank a Library Colleague for offering advice on that big project

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Frances Huehls, Eric Snajdr, and Randall Halverson is a star.....

Thank you so much to Frances Huehls, Eric Snajdr, and Randall Halverson who helped Center for Research and Learning RISE scholars learn to navigate discipline-specific databases and acquire new expertise in search strategies.  We are so appreciative! 


Elizabeth Rubens

Director, MURI and CTSI Undergraduate Research Programs

Matt Hinsman is a star.....

I just love how everytime i come to the library how matt is so willing to help me with this or that and tells me when the library is open and if they are going to be closed he is so friendly and professional all at the same time it just makes me wanna continue to come and spend my time here when i can i wish there were more people like matt who are nice and pleasant to be around.

Star Team : Access Services

Jan Canganelli is a star.....

Jan is a star because……

She is a good friend

She is never too busy when I have a cataloging question to help me.

When I have a cataloging problem with an ILL book going out that needs correcting, she fixes it right away so that we can get the item out.

She catalogs tons of items each day and never seems to have a backlog sitting at her desk.

I admire the way she is outspoken and stands for her ideals.

She is willing to help in any way she can.

She has cool jewelry!

.....becky RSDS Team

Heather Coates is a star.....

Heather Coates from Digital Scholarship is a star because of her expertise; not only that, she has the kindness to unreservedly put it to use. Through her affiliation with the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public of Health, Heather has become an invaluable resource, especially to doctoral students. - Isaac. 

Star Team : Digital Scholarship

Jessica Sowls is a star.....

Jessica is an inspirational colleague. Her patiently administered advice and enthusiasm for her work, allied with her background in art, make Jessica an invaluable asset to the library. Her experience extends beyond the users' needs and her skills and knowledge embrace day to day matters such as equipment repairs, use of printers, copiers and scanners, and all the other tasks and challenges that working in an academic library entails. All this and her delicious homemade cookies make Jessica "star"-worthy.

Star Team : Herron Art

Jan Canganelli is a star.....

Kudos and a star goes to Jan Canganelli for making an  extra special effort - to create  great original cataloging records for  3 Mexican CDs, in just two days - especially of  a  faculty requested Electro-acoustic guitar group performance album " Duo elegia"  at the request of the MAT department and added to the Library's Music tech collection . This came from a unique Music school which is the Mexican parallel to our MAT department - at the forefront of new music technology in performance- using a combination of traditional acoustic instruments with electronic background or synth input .  Jan had to make a record of the school and its recitals- to add to library records, too-  Not only did Jan create a new record -for OCLC and world distibution but also she had to locate translations of the information from the Spanish to English to verify what was being performed on the CDs.  Her work makes the music accessible by faculty and students = so they can check it out and enjoy what their cohorts are doing in Mexico -  Our guitar and electronic music students and faculty really appreciate this!  Keep up the great work!  Thank you, Jan!   


Jennifer L. Hehman

Media, Music and Arts Technology Librarian

November 4, 2013

Katie Emery is a star.....

I think Katie has done an amazing job at helping students with business related searches. I have learned so much by asking her several questions through the chat system. I have learned to use Bloomberg and how to do business research using sources such as Onesource. It doesn't matter how difficult it is to find some information on business. I can ask Katie and she will always know the answer!!

Alicia Anino is a star.....

Alicia, our new dean's assistant, is a star for all her help with the librarian candidate visits.  She generously offered to pick up and deliver candidates when they arrived/departed as well as help with anything we needed.  She has definitely made my life easier this past few weeks! ---   Teresa

Michael @ circulation is a star.....

Thank you soooo much for all your help concerning me finding the Journal of African American History! You gave perfect directions and I had no trouble at all, I'll will be needing your services again real soon!

Star Team : Access Services

Jessica Sowls is a star.....

For patiently showing scores of students how to use IUCAT.

Star Team : Herron Art