Possible Mobile Applications for Development @ University Library

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Ideas from C.D.

WorldCat / Boopsie

Images (contentDM)

Duke's Digital Collections App for iPhone is cool -

Drupal Ideas

Mobile Theme

Mobile Codes (2-D Barcodes that code connect directly to website, view message or send phone number)

SMS/Dotgo (send message to DOTEDU starting with ulib.iupui)  - could use above to generate?

SMS Framework (example use - send nodes or portions of nodes to mobile phones.)

Services Module (integrate drupal site with extrenal applications - XMLRPC, SOAP, REST, AMF) -


Drupal Mobile Group -

Summary of Drupal Mobile Modules -




Additional Ideas

Image Recognition 'Bar Code' shelving - what's on the shelf?

Mobilize Vendor pages  -  

Life Science Reserarch Tool

netBio -

Search Result send Via Test Message - Article / Journal /Cat Search

Mobile Viewable Book Collection - Central listing of books that work well with mobile devices

SMS due reminders, reserved items ready

Make audio content avaiable through iTunes

Mobile version of subject guides

Customized digital collections for mobile devices (Dspace theme?)


Past Ideas

Available Computer Locator

Library Tour -

  perhaps iPhone / iPod app with gps recognition and Drupal generated output?


 Ideas from R.M.

  • working with boopsie data api for incorporation in sakai
  • gps location mapping for library call no location - (not sure how this would work with SIRSI but could be done seperately based on the boopsie gps location stuff – will send  that vendor name to you.
  • other piece needed here is sms txt we are looking at library h3lp with their text gateway option. 

Other Library Projects / Reports:



Example Applications / Sites

Photos of mobile interfaces :



Mobile Devices in Library Information

Mobile Standards & Programming

Mikkonen, T. (2007). Programming mobile devices: An introduction for practitioners. Chichester, England: John Wiley. ( )


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