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The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature 
A classic in the field, this three volume set covers topics ranging from the pre-Columbian era to the late 20th century.  Subject matter is wide in scope and deep in breadth with chapters on the Spanish American novel, literary criticism, the autobiographical narrative, Chicano literature, and the novel of the Mexican Revolution.  The 450-page bibliography is a must-see.
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Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninsula 
Entries treat all elements of the major literatures of the Iberian peninsula (Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Portuguese) through descriptions of literary figures, movements, genres, themes, styles, and forms as well as through definitions of terms. Entries generally conclude with listings of primary and secondary sources and English translations.  Coverage spans the period from about the 10th century to the mid-1980s.
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Dictionary of Mexican Literature 
Ideal for English speakers who are looking for a brief introduction to a Mexican author.  Contains a comprehensive listing of Mexican authors with special emphasis on the 20th Century.  Entries include a biographical sketch of the author, his/her publications, and a bibliography of critical works.
PQ7106 .D53 1992 Reference Room
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Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture
Short entries (a paragraph to two pages) cover virtually all aspects of contemporary Spanish life: architecture, cinema, the economy, education, fashion, food and drink, gay culture, intellectual life, language, literature, the media, music, politics, religion, society, sport, and youth culture.  Includes references for further reading.  IUPUI Restricted

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Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature
Clear and succinct articles about writers, works, and topics relating to the literature of Latin America, including the French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands and Mexico as well as the countries of Central and South America.  Entries for each writer consists of a critical overview of his/her literary work, a brief biographical sketch, a selected list of works in chronological order, and a list of further readings.

See also The Concise Encyclopedia of Latin American LiteratureIUPUI Restricted

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Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature, 1900-2003 
Wide-ranging coverage of writing in all of the Spanish American countries and Brazil, as well as the Dutch, French and English Caribbean treating major figures, themes and movements and of national literatures.  Bibliographies guide further reading to other specialized works in the field.
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Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture 
Over 6,000 entries focus on various aspects of Latin American history and culture including the contemporary scence.  More than half of the entries are biographical entries of significant authors, musicians, and cultural figures; others cover places, events, groups such as indigenous peoples, and other topics.  Geographical representation extends to not only Latin America but also Spanish Brazil, the Portuguese Empire, and non-Spanish-speaking Caribbean countries.  IUPUI Restricted
Encyclopedia of Latin American Theater 
For an overview of the development of theater in Latin America, including the Nuyorican and Chicano theaters of the United States.  Surveys its history from the pre-Columbian period to the present. Sections cover individual Latin American countries. Each section features alphabetically arranged entries for playwrights, independent theaters, and cultural movements.
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Latin American Writers 
Described as a "critical anthology of representative Latin American writers," this three-volume set contains critical and biographical articles.  The bibliography lists authors' works as well as criticism.  See also Latin American Writers. Supplement I.

PQ7081.A1 L37 1989 v.1-3 and PQ7081.A1 L37 1989 Suppl.

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The Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature 
Short artricles on a variety of individuals, works, and topics. Of the individuals covered, most are authors, but also included are critics, historians, and philosophers. Plot summaries are given for important books, and helpful identifications are provided for journals, libraries, publishers' series, literary movements, groups, and forms.
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Twentieth-Century Spanish Poets, First Series 
29 well-known twentieth-century Spanish poets are treated in essays ranging in length from seven to almost thirty pages.  See also Twentieth-Century Spanish Poets, Second Series.

PN451 .D538 v.108 and PN451 .D538 v.134

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