Dictionaries of Philosophy


Dictionary of Philosophical Terms
For brief, but concise, definitions.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A rich, scholarly resource covering topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy.  Each article finishes with a bibliography for further reading.

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
2,000 original entries from a team of over 1,300 of the world's most respected scholars and philosophers.  Covers Anglo-American, ethical and political, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, continental and contemporary philosophy.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
For more depth than the traditional dictionary entry.  Each full-text entry ranges in length from a paragraph to several pages.  Each topic is written and maintained by experts in the field.  Includes bibliographies and cross-references.


Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Second Edition
One of the top one-volume dictionaries in the field.  IUPUI Restricted

Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
IUPUI Restricted

A Dictionary of Philosophy 
Written for the layperson.  Concise, but lucid, definitons.   IUPUI Restricted

Oxford Companion to Philosophy
Another good one-volume dictionary with decent coverage of the East as well as the West.  IUPUI Restricted



Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A 10-volume set.
B51 .R68 1998 Reference Room
(2nd floor)

Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A classic.

PC4640 .S595 Stacks
(3rd floor)
The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Second Edition B41 .C35 1999 Reference Room
(2nd floor)

New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Helps you to "establish some sense of unity of human thought and its cultural manifestation in a world of ever-increasing specialization and alienation."

CB9 .N49 2005 Reference Room
(2nd floor)

The Oxford Companion to Philosophy

B51 .O94 2005

Reference Room
(2nd floor)

Talking Philosophy: A Wordbook Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Provides a thematic and conceptual awareness of the meanings of terms and their relationship to other terms.
B49 .S63 1991 Stacks
(3rd floor)
Masterpieces of World Philosophy
Nearly 100 philosophical classics (e.g. Euthyphro, Leviathan, The Prince, The Critique of Pure Reason) summarized.
B75 .M37 1990 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
The New World Spanish/English English/Spanish Dictionary PC 4640 .N4 1996 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
Oxford-Duden Pictoral Spanish and English Dictionary PC 4629 .O94 1995 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
The Oxford Spanish Dictionary : Spanish-English/English-Spanish PC 4625 .O93 1996 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
Pequeño Larousse ilustrado (Spanish only) PC 4625 .L3 1964 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
Random House Latin-American Spanish Dictionary PC 4822 .G65 1997 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary PC 4640 .U5 1987 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
Vox Modern Spanish and English Dictionary PC 4640 .V694 1986 Reference Room
(2nd floor)
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