Carol Nathan, Ph.D.

Assistant, Associate Dean of the Faculties, 1979-1997 

Director of Occupational Therapy, 1968-1980 

Assistant, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, 1967-1997 


In her thirty years as a professor, director, and later dean at IUPUI, Carol Nathan, Ph.D. left a lasting impression on campus.  Nathan's influence, especially in the central administration of IUPUI, helped transform the campus into a respected institution.

In 1967, Nathan came to IUPUI as the supervisor of clinical education in occupational therapy.  One year later, she became the director of occupational therapy, a position that she held until 1980.  During her years as director, Nathan revamped the educational opportunities available within the department and gained national recognition for the viability of IUPUI's program.

In the 1970s, as the IUPUI campus was growing, Nathan became increasingly interested in affairs on the larger IUPUI campus.  In 1977 she agreed to serve a term as secretary of the IUPUI Faculty Council.  She enjoyed the experience, and in 1979 after the term had ended, she approached Dean of the Faculties Edward Moore about a position in the central administration.  Her position as Assistant Dean of the Faculties started out part-time, while she continued her role as full-time director of occupational therapy.  Nathan's first major project was to develop a policy and procedure manual for IUPUI.  Upon the project's completion, Moore promoted her to full-time Assistant Dean, and in 1984, to Associate Dean.

Nathan continued to take on big projects, coordinating several of IUPUI's Accreditation Self-Studies for the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, serving as a liaison for negotiations in a partnership with Ivy Tech, and helping to establish IUPUI's Staff Council and Senior Academy for retired faculty.  She served on numerous committees, and had her hand in many of IUPUI's projects for growth and development in the 1980s and 1990s.  Nathan retired in 1997.


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