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Historically speaking, the fields of science and mathematics have been dominated by men, and the women who pursued degrees and careers in science had little support from their male peers.  Thanks to generations of trailblazing women, however, nowadays women interested in careers in science and mathematics have more opportunities than ever before.   Especially with Indiana's recent Life Sciences Initiative, and a high demand for industrial innovation, there are numerous opportunities for well-trained women to begin rewarding careers in scientific fields. 


In May 2005, IUPUI's School of Science introduced an initiative to help female students prepare for careers in science and mathematics.  The Women in Science House would provide qualifying students with a support group of like-minded students and encourage career development through added academic and extracurricular programming.


The Women in Science House opened in the fall of 2005.  Each year, it houses 30 women in 15 rooms.  Interested students must apply to the department of housing and submit a scholarship application to the School of Science.  Students are chosen based on their academic and extracurricular records.


The following list contains the stated goals of the Women in Science House:


  • Provide academic activities that enhance educational success
  • Provide residential learning experiences
  • Facilitate mentoring and networking
  • Encourage involvement in service learning and community based activities
  • Provide financial assistance through $1000 scholarships


The program is currently coordinated by Melissa L. Pohlman, the Director of Student Records and Retention in the School of Science. 


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