Florence McMaster, J.D.

Librarian, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis, 1946-1973
Professor of Law, 1961-1973

Florence McMaster, J.D. spent 27 years as a law librarian at the Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis.  During these years, she developed the library's collection of books from only 10,500 volumes to over 125,000 volumes.  In 1956, she pioneered a workshop series on legal research for incoming law students that was utilized by the school for many years.

In 1961, McMaster completed her law degree and became an assistant professor of law.  In 1972, she was promoted to full professor.  In the late-1960s and early 1970s, McMaster served as chair of the IUPUI Council of Librarians, a group that advised the Indiana University Library Coordinating Committee on the development of IUPUI libraries.

McMaster was interested in the status of women on campus, and in 1968 became a founding member of the University Women's Club.  She also worked with Frances Rhome , the IUPUI Affirmative Action Officer, to study inequities on campus in the early 1970s.  McMaster died July 16, 1973.


Law School Faculty, Including Florence McMaster, c. 1969

Photograph from Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis

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