Room Ambassadors

Room Ambassador


Job Description


Under the supervision of members from the Client Support Team, the Room Ambassador will perform several front-line services for our patrons. Special projects may be assigned when appropriate.  Excellent customer service skills are required.  The Ambassador will work very closely with our Event Coordinators and Ambassador Leads. This is a Work-Study Position with hours ranging from 10-25 per hour.


 Essential Functions: 
  • Technology and Room Configuration Support for guests hosting meetings/events at University Library (UL) and assisting our Event Coordinators and Ambassador Leads
  • Learn basics of Computer Consulting
  • Learn basics of our highly sophisticated event-planning software, Event Management Systems and Virtual EMS Homepage
  • Assist UL Security by reporting issues or policy violations by patrons and with building closing procedures on our 3rd and 4th Levels.
  • Proactive customer service attitude
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Professional attitude and demeanor
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Computing skills across PC and Mac environments (Big Plus)
  • Able to work without close supervision.

 Work Hours: 

Ambassadors are assigned shifts at the beginning of the semester and retain these shifts for the entire semester. The ambassador job is designed to accommodate students: the schedule is created based on consultant availability and seniority.



Student University Library Room Ambassadors are paid $7.25 - $7.50 per-hour to start.  After 180 hours has been completed at work, a pay raise of $.25 will be given.   At the end of the Fall and Spring semester, performance evaluations will be given to determine merit raises. IUPUI part-time hourly staff is paid on an hourly, bi-weekly basis, with no remission of academic fees and no commitment to continuous employment.

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