Student Group Study Room Policies

IUPUI University Library Study Room Policies 

1.  No food. 

2.  No drinks without lids. 

3.  Rooms are not soundproof, so no shouting and no loud audio that may be heard outside the room disturbing others.  

4.  All students are responsible for protecting their belongings from theft. 

5.  All students are expected to leave the room in the same condition they found it, ready for the next group.

       a.   Place all trash in receptacles.

       b.   Return furniture, pens and chalk to proper placement.

       c.   Clean chalkboard/whiteboards.

       d.  Close the door after room session is over. 

6.  Students must turn the projector off as well as log out from the computer before vacating the room as soon as their time expires. 

7.  Students must report to Computer Consultants any defect in equipment or damage to University property immediately.

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