Spider Sculpture on Exhibit in University Library Atrium

BurnsideIUPUI University Library has a new sculpture on exhibit in its atrium.

This summer Herron art student Jessica Ann Burnside, under the supervision of Herron faculty Associate Professor Greg Hull, installed her winning sculpture entitled Threat Level Orange.

Composed from polycarbonate sheets joined by sheet metal and cold fastened with rivets, the large-scale-transparent spider spans 10 ft from the tip of its head to the end of its abdomen and is approximately 24 ft. in length from front legs to back legs. Its s body hangs from braided threads, and has cross- threads webbing for stability.

Burnside was among many Herron sculpture students who competed in the annual IUPUI University Library - Herron School of Art and Design competition. The Library and the Fischler Society awards the winner student $2,500 to design, to construct and to install the winning piece in the IUPUI University Library's atrium.


"It is fear that unites us. Our society is brought together by fears that are real and fabricated. Terrorist attacks, child predators, global warming, and spiders, just to name a few, are threats held over our heads by a hyper-vigilant society. Why are you so afraid of something a fraction of your size? I've heard this question again and again; I still don't know the answer," says Burnside.

The IUPUI University Library is the parent organization of the Herron Art Library and through its staff and resources supports all Herron students and faculty.

The University Library sponsors a range of arts events each year including student competitions, public exhibits and lectures.

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