Mary Dankoski, PhD

Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development, IU School of Medicine

Lester D. Bibler Scholar and Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Vice Chair for Faculty and Academic Affairs, IU School of Medicine


Mary Dankoski is the Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development at the IU School of Medicine.  She is also the Lester D. Bibler Scholar and an Associate Professor of Family Medicine.  Dankoski co-chairs the IU School of Medicine Women's Advisory Council and is currently the Vice Chair for Faculty and Academic Affairs.  She served as interim co-chair of the Department of Family Medicine until April 2011.

Dankoski is a leader in advocacy of women's issues at the School of Medicine.  She has revamped efforts to recruit, retain, and advance women in academic medicine; addressed gender bias in training search committees; created state of faculty reports highlighting the condition of women; and increased mentoring opportunities for female students and faculty.  She has also worked to change School of Medicine policies that tend to have an adverse effect on women, such as tenure time frames and health care for part time faculty.  Dankoski created an annual women faculty leadership development workshop and luncheons featuring prominent women health leaders.  She is responsible for the increased representation among female faculty at national professional development conferences and the increased number of female faculty nominated for awards.  She recently helped create the "History of Women at IUSM" project to highlight the important roles that women have played at the school. 

Dankoski is a licensed marriage and family therapist.  Shee is the past President of the Indiana Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and past chair of the Council Division of Presidents of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Under her guidance, the School of Medicine's Women's Advisory Council won the AAMC 2009 Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award.


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