Student Employment at the Library

Benefits of Working in the Library


At University Library we offer the convenience of on-campus work along with a range of p ositions to match your interests, skills, and schedule.

We provide research, technology, and information services to our diverse campus community, and actively seek applications from first-generation students, Black students and students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities.

Our student employment program (STEP) provides additional training, programming, and mentoring to help you succeed in your work with us, in your academic career at IUPUI, and at whatever comes next. STEP is developed and run with student employee input, providing you with leadership opportunities and the chance to have a meaningful impact on your workplace.

Come join the University Library community, and take a STEP toward your academic, professional, or grad school goals!

Current Job Listings

Resource Sharing and Delivery Services Student Assistant (Mailroom)

As part of the Resource Sharing and Delivery Services Team (RSDS) you’ll do detail-oriented work in the mailroom and with interlibrary loan, providing crucial support services for students and faculty at IUPUI and elsewhere as you get them the library materials necessary for their studies and research.

  • $10.15 (applicants must be eligible for Federal Work-Study).
  • Either: Tuesday and Thursday Noon-5pm; or: Monday, Wednesday and Friday Noon-5pm.

Technology Services Consultant

Provide frontline IT support at University Library. Technology Services Consultants work as part of the Client Support Team (CST) to provide direct technical assistance to the students, staff, faculty, and community members who use the library’s computer, networking, and software services. They also support use of the library’s event spaces.

  • $10.15/hour (applicants must be eligible for Federal Work-Study).
  • 12-28 hours per week.

Technology Services Lead

Demonstrate leadership, responsibility, and IT support skills as a key part of the library’s Client Support Team (CST). The Technology Services Lead manages technology troubleshooting and provides expert technical help for patrons and staff across the library when full-time staff are not available.

  • $13.50/hour.

Technology Services Trainer

Gain experience working in IT support at an administrative level. Technology Services Trainers work with the library’s Client Support Team (CST) to provide library staff and patrons with Tier 2 technology support, as well as training and supporting other CST student employees.

  • $11/hour (applicants must be eligible for Federal Work-Study).
  • Includes evening and weekend hours.

IUPUI University Library (UL) Events and Multimedia Specialists (EMS)

Work with the library’s Client Support Team (CST) to provide IUPUI affiliates with skilled assistance in using the library’s 3D printing and scanning services. You’ll also help manage event planning and coordination, and assist students/faculty/staff with multimedia projects which incorporate video and audio editing, photo and graphics editing, and Adobe Creative Suite applications.

  • $12/hour (applicants must be eligible for Federal Work-Study)
  • 12-28 hours per week

IUPUI University Library (UL) Technology Services Supervisor (Tech Sup)

As a UL Client Support Team (CST) Technology Services Supervisor you will serve as a weekend and/or evening technology supervisor responsible for the operations of the UL Technology Services Desk, support of all events occurring in the building, timely response to all technical issues from UL faculty/staff, and supervision of all CST student staffing/projects.

  • $14/hour
  • 12-20 hours per week, mainly weekends and weekday evenings.