Digital Collections

Brock's Birds of Indiana

This work describes Indiana avifauna. Each species account contains historical information, comments on occurrence, migration statistics, macimum counts, and nesting data. Population trends are presented for most breeding species. Maps, graphs and tables support the presentations and more than 100 color photographs are included.

Climate Data: Indianapolis, IN 1940-present

In collaboration with the Indianapolis Public Library, IUPUI University Library digitized a collection of Local Climate Data dating from 1940 to present. The data is recorded from the Indianapolis International Airport (NOAA) and is now available via the web. Also available are several weather related newspaper articles ranging from 1936-1971. Additionally, you can view a dynamic weather calendar to view precipitation and temperature dating back to the late 1800s.

Keystone View Company Lantern Slides

The Keystone View Company was the largest stereographic company in the world, specializing in national and international geographic and social science images.  The 488 slides in this digital collection include images from the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. They depict scenes from agricultural, industrial, commercial, urban, rural, transportation, nature, historical and daily life situation. Images date from the 1890s through the early twentieth century.

Wildflowers of Indiana

Also a part of the Database Project funded by the Library Fund of the Indianapolis Foundation was to create Web resources of interest to the residents of Marion County that were not available from commercial providers. NOTICE: Access to this Web site is limited to locations in Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana, and to persons who are registered users of the Indianapolis Public Library. Such locations may include, without limitation, the following: all schools, public libraries, college and university campuses located within Marion County, Indiana.