Digital Humanities


What is Digital Humanities?

Plainly stated, digital humanities is a field of study at the intersection of computing and the disciplines of the humanities. However, that is a simple definition of what the digital humanities is and what the field can be. There are many different definitions of digital humanities and each one can be germane to a researcher or instructor's field of interest or individual to the work of an organization. Digital humanities can be the use of computing tools in the course of humanities research, the presentation of humanities research in a digital environment, or the investigation of the intersection of media, technology, and culture in the "digital age." However one defines digital humanities, it is a significant academic research field of inquiry and the Center for Digital Scholarship strives to meet the needs of DH researchers in their work. 

Supporting Digital Humanities

The Center for Digital Scholarship supports digital humanities through many different avenues. Some of them are listed below. However, if there is a service, methodology, or technology that is not listed below and you would like to speak to the Center for Digital Scholarship, please email Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian at


The Center for Digital Scholarship offers consultations on all stages of the development of a digital humanities project, from creation to publication of your DH content. You can schedule an appointment with Caitlin Pollock, the Digital Humanities Librarian or come during the Center's Digital Humanities walk-in consultation hours. The DH walk-in hours have been suspended for the winter break. The Spring semester hours will be posted here in January. 

Librarian with Computer

 The Center for Digital Scholarship's digital humanities walk-in are on Tuesdays from 3-5 in the Center for Digital Scholar UL 1115. Walk-in consultations are first-come, first-served. Consultations are also by appointment. To schedule an consultation please use the Google Form below or email Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian,


Center for Digital Scholarship offers several different digital humanities workshops. The list below is all the DH workshops that the Center for Digital Scholarship offers but not all the workshops that may be conducted during the semester. Workshops may be requested for a class or project. Please contact Caitlin Pollock, the Digital Humanities Librarian at, if you are interested in requesting a workshops.

"Text Encoding I: Text Encoding with XML and Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines"

Description: Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines (TEI) is a standard that defines an XML format for textual materials represented in a digital form. The guidelines include descriptions complemented with examples and tag descriptions. TEI is now the accepted standard for text-encoding and digital humanities projects and is the preferred standard for granting agencies like the National Endowment for Humanities. This workshop provides attendees with a hands-on introduction to basic text encoding with TEI. This workshop assumes attendees have some basic knowledge of XML or other markup languages.

"Introduction to GeoJSON for the Humanities"

Description: With this workshop, learn how to create interactive maps and other spatial analysis with GeoJSON to visualize humanities research and data. Participants will gain experience with GeoJSON, using, a simple-to-use tool to work with GeoJSON. Here is an example of a project using GeoJSON. GeoJSON is a GIS standard that uses to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to encode geographic data. JSON is a lightweight data standard that is becoming a popular standard for data exchange like API protocols. The workshop will offer participants a brief background on GeoJSON and JSON. More information can be found at and This workshop requires no prior knowledge of JSON but participants should be comfortable with online-based tools and platforms. This workshop is adapted from the NYPL Labs’s Digital Maps Primer Workshop: This workshop requires a free GitHub account. This account can be with the public GitHub or the IU Enterprise GitHub.

"StoryMap and TimeLine JS for Interactive Digital Storytelling"

Description: Forthcoming 

Digital Humanities Pedagogy

The Center for Digital Scholarship supports the inclusion digital humanities pedagogy into curriculum for classes. Digital humanities pedagogy ranges from digital literacy and digital storytelling to humanities research using digital research methods or a humanities class with a strong computing component and survey of digital humanities projects. The Center can provide technology guidance, digital literacy library sessions, and data sets or digital facsimiles for class projects or research. For more information, contact Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian at

Project Partners

The Center for Digital Scholarship can be a partner for Digital Humanities. The Center can offer tools, expertise, and services that can enhance a DH project. Furthermore, we are happy to collaborate and partner on grant-funded projects, starting at the grant-writing process. We also have technical language for grants that require a description of digital humanities technology such as Text Encoding Initiative.

Other Services


If you are interested in a digital humanities service that is not listed on this page, please contact Caitlin Pollock, Digital Humanities Librarian,

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