New Library Website!



Welcome to your new IUPUI University Library website! Library personnel have been hard at work the last 18 months to prepare. Our user experience team has worked with students, faculty, and other stakeholders through focus groups and usability testing to make improvements that update and streamline the most important functions of the library website.


For example, our search function gets a huge update. It is now easier for users to find specific journals, articles, and databases. The new article search returns results from the catalog, databases, and open access repositories, and if it is not immediately accessible, the search will direct you to interlibrary loan to request the article.


A demo version of the website has been linked on the current library website since the start of the spring semester, so stakeholders could adjust to the change, create learning tools, and provide feedback to our team.


Our website receives more than 1,000,000 views each year. We know that it is critically important to the success of everyone on campus, whether they be undergrads, grad/doctoral students, off-campus users, faculty/staff, and alumni/community members. Based on feedback from users, the new site features identity-based pages for these constituent groups to get users connected to the info they need, quickly. We have also reorganized the website content to make it easier to navigate and find, so a few URLs have changed.


Watch this promo video on all the new features. If you have any feedback, please share it with us.