February Caption Contest

All are encouraged to enter captions to a photo in the Archives. The contest winner (as chosen by those sagacious heads at Caption Contest Central) will receive a Fabulous Prize.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear: the time you first attended a dance. The fear. The dread, mixed with a tinge of anticipation. Will these breath mints work? Should I wear my glasses? This month’s Caption Contest Photo depicts dancers in the old Union Building in 1963. The matching skirts suggest…what? A folk-dancing performance? An ethnomusicological demonstration of coming-of-age ceremonies? Communistic indoctrination? You decide! Add your captions to this month’s photo and you may win our Fabulous Prize!

Step right up! Grab your partner and begin the beguine! Enter your captions today! Go to https://ulib.iupui.edu/captioncontest/front and post your captions! You may win our Fabulous Prize!


Black and white photograph. Three couples are dancing together, with the men on the left of their partners and the women on the right. The women have a hand on their partner's shoulder and the other in a fist on their hips. The men are posed similarly, but with their hand on their partner's waist. Everyone is wearing a button up shirt, with the women wearing skirts with two horizontal white lines near the bottom. On the right hand side of the picture a smiling woman is leaning on a table watching them dance. On the table is a sash.


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